IRS Servis, Ltd. company was founded and registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal
Court in Prague, on July 21, 1999

IRS Servis Ltd. is a private building company founded by natural persons who had already been
operated in the construction industry both as a privately-employed and working in senior
management of construction companies. The main business is engineering, it is a complete building
service from a study object, building permits, implementing the project, the actual implementation
and construction supervision, to acceptance.

IRS Servis, Ltd. mainly specializes in projects for housing, particularly family houses, apartment
buildings, upgrading attic including additions and extensions, as well as industrial buildings - both
traditional methods and the system lightweight structure made ​​of galvanized steel based on
prefabricated wooden buildings of the Canadian type.

IRS Servis, Ltd. has complete base of outside specialists who are involved in the design and
implementation of projects. Although based on the fundamental series solutions of houses, each
contract that IRS Servis, sro works on is conceived as an individual process where the service is
provided based on specific ideas, but also the possibility of requirements of each customer.

Furthermore, the IRS Servis, Ltd. offer customers a complete service in the provision of sub-
contracting, repair and maintenance work, reconstruction, facade thermal insulation systems,
electrical, heating and plumbing and other construction works.

Since May 2009 we are on the list of professional suppliers of the Green Investment Scheme, under
which we provide thermal insulation of buildings.
Since September 2012 we cooperate on the project of European Union called Proficient.

Ing. Tomáš Šimon

IRS servis s.r.o , Polská 1560/7, Praha 2, 120 00, 603 551 789